Crypto Relief partners with Doctors For You to strengthen Rural Covid Health centres

Crypto Relief has partnered with Doctors For You and contributed INR 3.5 CR for the development of the healthcare system in rural India.

The funds are utilized for capacitating the government facilities and PHCs/CHCs in villages by adding oxygen beds and enhancing medical infrastructure. This includes essential machinery like oxygen cylinders, concentrators, beds, ABG analyzers, etc. The expenditure goals also entail shoring up medical supplies and equipment in rural India for the effective delivery of quality health care and expanding COVID bed capacity.

The intervention encompasses the strengthening of the health institutions with expert manpower and other essential resources. The current state of affairs demands the proactive participation of various stakeholders including local governments and civil societies in curbing the spread of the COVID virus. "It’s essential to strengthen our Government rural Health System for better implementation of Community program" rather than just creating a parallel Health system says Dr Rajat Jain, President Doctors For You.

The donation from Crypto Relief is directed towards facilitating the preparedness of fortifying India for effectively tackling a possible third wave. This includes providing health establishments with essential facilities including HDU and oxygen beds establishment.

Mindful of the importance of cohesive rural health care, the donation aims at strengthening the facilities in place with robust infrastructure support to improve the quality of healthcare. An efficient rural health care system is a testimony of a country with strong healthcare that is focused on disbursing quality and dignified health care to all people irrespective of the difference in class, caste, religion, or gender.

About Doctors For You (DFY) 

DFY is a pan Indian humanitarian organization with an international presence and is working in various disaster-hit zones for the last 14 years. DFY focuses on providing medical care to vulnerable communities during crisis and non-crisis situations, emergency medical aid to people affected by natural disasters, conflicts and epidemics. Currently, DFY is working on various projects in different states of India involving health professionals, disaster management practitioners, social workers and administrative staff.

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About Crypto Relief

IN COVID SUPPORT FZE LLC, UAE (Crypto Relief) is an organization dedicated to helping India fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Since five months of its inception, Crypto Relief has impacted over a million families across 28 states and territories. Its focus has been on supporting immediate COVID relief, health system augmentation and nutrition through multiple governments and civil society partnerships enabled by a team of dedicated volunteers.

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